In a global labor market, the bond of good and successful employees at the company and the competition for talent is becoming more and more difficult for enterprises. Besides the satisfaction of the professional environment, the working environment and the career opportunities, compensation plays an important role. Employees which are fairly compensated feel satisfied and remain loyal to the company, because with each employee who will leave the company, also know-how is lost. This is not just alone to the cash payment, which is the annual base salary plus guaranteed payments such as Christmas, holiday pay, capital accumulation benefits, etc. as well as a bonus, it is also to the so-called non-cash benefits such as occupational pensions, company cars, training, mobile telephones etc., which defines an attractive employer.


  • Receive our employees a fair and competitive compensation to achieve the company's results?
  • Meets our compensation structure for top management the VorstAG?
  • How can different positions / functions are compared with each other?
  • How is performance-based and transparent Compensation structure look like?

If these questions are answered to the local compensation structure the next question which often arises, and companies are becoming increasingly international, what about compensation for posting a staff member / an employee which will temporary works in another country.


  • What should the company pay the expat?
  • Does it make sense to pay the expatriate for local conditions?
  • What happens if the expat comes back?
  • What additional services are standard in each country?
  • How do I get the Expat to return back to the local compensation structure?

Large international companies have for these topics usually a "Compensation & Benefits Manager" or even an entire department of professionals who / which answers these questions. But more and more medium-sized companies (companies up to 4.000 employees) and family owned are working not only in the national competition but working in an international environment. These companies are usually familiar with the national salary structure yet, but it is often difficult in an international comparison to know the respective local conditions and remuneration to be considered accordingly. Exactly for this clientele the Dornbach Group has created the Dr. Dornbach Rothe GmbH (Compensation & Benefits) as the possibility not to have the need to have this know-how in-house, but to have access to an outside consultant who analyzes these issues and tailor responses offers.

Our Motto: Dr. Dornbach Rothe GmbH (Compensation & Benefits) - Your competent external compensation consultant for family owned and medium-sized companies.“