Photo: Dipl.-Volkswirt Wolfgang Küster

Dipl.-Volkswirt Wolfgang Küster

Certified Public Accountant, Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

After studying economics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University in Bonn, Mr Küster joined the services of DR. DORNBACH & PARTNER GMBH, Coblenz in June 1987.

One year after being appointed as certified public accountant, Mr Küster took over the management of DR. DORNBACH & PARTNER TREUHAND GMBH, Dessau-Rosslau in 1994 and was simultaneously accepted to the group of shareholders of the DORNBACH Group.

In addition to auditing, Mr Küster focusses on providing tax and business consultancy to medium-sized clientèle. Companies in the food production and food wholesaling industry, the automotive industry and the customer finance industry - including those with international connections - are among the group of clients looked after by Mr Küster.

In the field of International Accounting (IAS / IFRS), Mr Küster acquired relevant knowledge by means of practical activities and also by attending the Academy of International Accounting, certified by the Certificate in International Accounting.

Mr Küster also commented on the accounting and auditing of Küting / Pfizer / Weber (Hrsg) as a co-author of the "Handbuch der Rechnungslegung - Einzelabschluss" (Financial Reporting Handbook - Separate Financial Statement) section 322 of the HGB.


Industry sectors

  • Automotive industry
  • Construction industry
  • Beverage industry


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