Peter Henning

Peter HenningTax Consultant, Managing Partner

Peter qualified as a tax consultant in April 2003 and joined the audit and management consulting firm Dr. Dornbach Treuhand GmbH, Homburg, as a full-time tax consultant in July 2003. He was appointed public officer in April 2004, before being made a dormant partner of the firm in 2007. Peter was made a partner in October 2009 and was appointed Managing Director in 2010.

His qualifications and expertise as a tax consultant have been acquired by training as a tax clerk in 1993, completing the advanced examination for tax specialists in 1998 and the professional examination for tax consultants in 2003.

Besides public auditing, his core activities encompass tax and management consulting for small and medium-sized clients, including companies from the automotive industry, service and wholesale companies, and professionals from the health care sector (doctors and pharmacists).




Bad Homburg
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