Dipl.-Kaufmann Markus Grötecke

Dipl.-Kaufmann Markus GröteckeAuditor, Tax advisor, Director

Mr Grötecke joined the Mainz office of the DORNBACH Group as an authorised representative in 2011. In 2012 he became head of the newly established DORNBACH office in Rinteln. At the end of 2013 he was appointed Managing Director of DORNBACH GmbH.

After graduating in Business Administration from the University of Frankfurt am Main, Mr Grötecke began his career in 1993 in the Frankfurt am Main and Hannover offices of audit firm KPMG. After successfully passing his professional exams as a tax advisor in 1998 and as an auditor in 1999, Mr Grötecke joined a medium-sized audit firm in 2006, specialising in audits and consulting for local public service enterprises, in the role of head of the Frankfurt am Main office.

As well as auditing and advising local authorities, companies and public sector institutions, as well as non-profit organisations and associations, Mr Grötecke focuses on advising projects on business management and on tax consulting. He especially advises municipal enterprises and institutions in Rhineland-Palatinate, Lower Saxony and Hesse.  His audit and consulting activities focus on the care and waste management sectors, as well as on the property development and house-building sectors.

He also advises projects on issues relating to converting public authorities to business-orientated accounting processes, particularly consolidated municipal accounts (kommunaler Gesamtabschluss). Mr Grötecke has also co-authored an article on the Rhineland-Palatinate Municipal Enterprise and Institutions Act (Eigenbetriebs- und Anstaltsverordnung Rheinland-Pfalz).


  • Advising local authorities and municipal institutions of all legal forms (e.g. double-entry bookkeeping, calculations, accounting for road-building authorities, issues of tax, municipal law and municipal tax law, articles of association, public law agreements (Zweckvereinbarungen), changes of legal form, public law arrangements)
  • Advising non-profit institutions, associations, companies and foundations (especially art, culture and research institutions, retirement homes, workshops for the disabled) in matters of business administration and tax


  • Regional authorities (municipal budgets)
  • Municipal companies (water, waste water, waste disposal, energy supply, local public transport, house-building companies, property development companies)
  • Non-profit organisations (especially art, culture and research institutions)


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