Matthias Kentner

Matthias KentnerAttorney-at-Law

Matthias Kentner studied Law at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and completed his legal internship at the Dusseldorf OLG [Higher Regional Court]. He started his professional careeras an inhouse attorney at an international publishing group and joined a Munich law dirm as an attorney in 2011. Between 2013 and 2015, Mr. Kentner worked at a multidisciplinary corporate law firm. He then continued his legal career at the Litigation Boutique JM Legal where he was the head od the Labour Law Disputes division. Since June 2016, Matthias Kentner has been working at Dornbach GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft in Munich.

Matthias Kentner advises German and international clients on corporate law matters. In addition, he represents companies and managers in disputes relating to the liability of managing bodies. His activities focus on the fields of labour law, commercial and corporate law, as well as contracts and litigation. Mr. Kentner successfully completed the specialised legal training course in Labour Law.


  • Labour law disputes
  • Commercial law disputes
  • Incolvency law disputes
  • Labour law advisory services
  • Corporate contract law


  • Closed investment funds
  • Engineering
  • Food production/trade
  • Renewable energies


  • English
  • Basic knowledge of French


  • "In Luxemburg spielt die Musik - EuGH vs. BAG: Ein Muss - der Blick über den arbeitsrechtlichen nationalen Tellerrand" (Luxembourg is where most of action ist - European Court vs. BAG [German Federal Labour Court]: A must - a glimpse beyond the Germand labour law horizon), Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, 24th Ed./2014
  • "Das neue EEG 2014 - ein Überblick: Nach der Novelle ist vor der Novelle" (The new EEG [German Renewable Energies Act] - an overview: after the amendment is before the amendment), PUBLICU, 9/2017
  • "Eine Mogelpackung? Anmerkung zum Gesetzesentwurf zur Datenhehlerei" (A sham? Remarks regarding the draft bill relating to receiving stolen data), Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Ed. 18/2013


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