Clinics and healthcare institutions

 In recent years, the pressure of competition around the performance of clinics and healthcare institutions has risen enormously. As a result, these institutions face an enormous challenge.

Dornbach is happy to take on this challenge.

The Dornbach team has unique experience of auditing clinics and healthcare institutions. We support institutional providers with regard to their positioning by offering the following consultancy services:

  • Financial and organisational analyses
  • Providing advice on partnerships and mergers
  • Optimising the service structure, taking into account  the competitive environment in the region
  • Drawing up economic feasibility studies and reconstruction concepts
  • Determining personnel requirements and developing work time models
  • Conceptualising and implementing management information and business management systems
  • Providing advice on the analysis and reorganisation of efficient accounting processes
  • Offering on-going tax consulting, planning and optimisation, handling particular tax issues, and providing support during restructurings and mergers & acquisitions in compliance with the tax regulations for hospitals and clinics and the general and statutory public-interest regulations
  • Negotiating hospital and nursing charges

Doctors, pharmacies and health centres

Both changes to commercial framework conditions and amendments to company law (pooling of doctors, etc.) have led to a heightened need for advice for the so-called "white-coat" professions.

In this area, we have experts who are happy to provide support with the following:

  • Establishment and planning of health centres
  • Management and tax consulting in relation to health centres
  • Analysis of short-term income/break-even assessment
  • Support in dealing with authorities, etc.


Klaus Schmidt
Christoph Hell
Jochen Ball
Petra Fischbeck-Lohr
Peter Henning