Ever since the establishment of our firm, auditing has been one of the key cornerstones of our integrated consultancy concept. The functions of an auditor are versatile. Starting with the implementation of statutory audits, auditing activities range from voluntary audits, special audits to audit-related consultancy services.

Our auditing clients cover the entire entrepreneurial spectrum. The audited corporate forms range from limited partnerships with a limited liability company (GmbH & Co. KG) over limited liability companies (GmbH) to stock corporations (Aktiengesellschaft). We attend to the needs of small corporations, the entire range of medium-sized companies and corporate groups with billion-euro sales alike. Thanks to our extensive service range, we feel at home with companies from nearly all sectors and industries including the public sector.


The area of audit-related services is highly versatile. It ranges from assistance in the preparation of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with German and international standards over the audit and/or optimisation of the accounting and internal control systems of our clients up to the external implementation of internal revisions. In addition, we offer competent and hands-on assistance in the transition to new accounting procedures (e.g. transition to IFRS or the adaptation of new standards). The preparation of annual financial statements and corporate financial statements also belong to the activities traditionally attributed to auditors.


We conduct statutory audits in an efficient and risk-focused manner using the latest audit technology. This supports the management board as well as any supervisory bodies. In doing so, we always consider the individual situation and (among other things regulatory) requirements of the specific company. Apart from the classic auditing of individual financial statements in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB), it goes without saying that we also audit consolidated financial statements and are well-versed in the international accounting principles (IFRS and US-GAAP). During audits, we are in regular exchange with our colleagues from Tax and Legal as well as our IT experts. Because joint effort is the key to high-quality solutions. Naturally, all our standards equally apply to voluntary audits.


Audit-related consultancy services top off our service range in the area of audits. The success of company transactions depends on efficient financial due diligence coupled with permanent reconciliation with the colleagues from Tax and Legal. Here, too, our teams are well-established and experienced. DORNBACH also offers specialised expertise in the context of financial modelling, plausibility checks for forecast and budget calculations and the implementation of reporting tools. And a whole team of experienced valuation experts attends to all valuation issues in the context of audits; from the valuation of individual assets (e.g. also within the scope of purchase price allocations (PPA)) up to the valuation of companies within the scope of transactions or reorganisation measures. We are your trusted contact, also for matters related to the valuation of company participations for balance sheet accounting.


For us, auditing is far more than merely checking the accounting activities of a company for accuracy and then completing the process by issuing an audit opinion with an auditor's seal. Apart from the fulfilment of statutory functions, we also provide comprehensive and forward-looking consulting services. This way, we establish a valid basis for entrepreneurial decisions. It is not without reason that we are regularly included in the circle of the best auditors and SME consultants by renowned media. We owe this to our excellently qualified employees, high continuity in the teams as well as a significantly above-average number of professionals compared to others in the sector (approx. 180/ in 2020).

In the annual Lünendonk list published by the major German audit firms, we have been ranging among the top 10 owner-managed audit firms for years. And also at international level, we are excellently positioned thanks to our networks gmni and Shinewing. Thanks to our contacts to colleagues around the world, we are able to serve our clients also beyond the borders of Germany.

Audit services are offered at all offices of the DORNBACH Group, where our qualified and motivated contacts will be delighted to assist you at any time.

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