Wie wir arbeiten

Values for

At DORNBACH, we stand for a method of working that keeps sustainable and in particular entrepreneurially successful solutions in mind.

From the automotive industry to real estate, from annual financial statement auditing to succession advice - whatever your concern is and whatever business sector your company belongs to, we always act according to the values that have made us what we are today: a steadily grown, independent and proprietor-managed group with a team of experts who support our clients with expertise, creativity and passion.

Interesting and informative

With the DORNBACH Update and our International Newsletter, you will always be up-to-date on current developments in tax and economic law


This is what we stand for - 

Specific expertise at the right time can be very valuable for our clients. This is exactly what we offer in the DORNBACH Group's network of specialists. Here, we all share our knowledge. This means that we are not only constantly extending our specialist knowledge, we are making use of valuable synergies on your behalf. At any time.


This is what we stand for -

We develop flexible solutions, which are designed for the company and its specific needs - whether you are a big player, a family company or a start-up. In all cases these are always solutions that we are convinced will reliably meet the high demands of our clients.


This is what we stand for -

We do not advise clients from a distance. Quite the contrary. DORNBACH is close - to the companies, the people, the sectors of business and the specific requirements. We listen carefully and reflect on every detail. Always person to person.


This is what we stand for -

We are constant contact partners for you, accompanying you long-term and with a high degree of loyalty. We will be at your side, supporting you with experience and expertise. In this way, we create the foundation for a trust-filled cooperation that grows and remains.


This is what we stand for -
Solution-oriented action

Our distinguishing feature is a high degree of pragmatism - in the best sense of the word. With everything that we do for our clients, we always keep an eye on the feasibility of solutions. Right from the start. With clear answers to complex questions and company-specific recommendations for action.