The opening up of European and global markets is providing German companies with an increasing number of opportunities for international activities. However, intensive trade and increasing international mobility also lead to a high level of competitiveness on the local market. Internationalisation is a suitable strategy for reacting to the ever-increasing competitive pressure.In order to take the increasing demands that the global markets make on our clients into account, more than 40 years ago, Dornbach launched the GMN International group that is now active all over the world.

GMN International consists of legally independent, medium-sized auditing and tax consultancy firms that stand by us and our clients as consultants. Furthermore, we also have additional bilateral contacts with overseas consultancy companies, for example with  accon AVM Belastingadvies B.V., one of the leading consultancy companies in the Netherlands and with  BOFIDI Groep in Belgium.

gmn international

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