Dr. Dornbach Rothe GmbH (Compensation & Benefits) supports and advises you like with the following services:

  • managing total remuneration or evaluation projects, including support in the tendering of projects and inspection of project proposals
  • Creation of special assessments as salary/market benchmarks (total compensation comparisons), if necessary, after defining a possible comparison market
  • Preparation of projections in the field of content analysis and changes to the necessary expenses to recognize in time
  • Support in the implementation of a position evaluation system as well as its application
  • Design and implementation of salary structures / salary bands (national and international)
  • Creation of position / job / function descriptions
  • Design, development and implementation of competency models
  • Development and implementation of an overall approach to remuneration in the company (national and international)
  • Support for participation in salary surveys, data collection, benchmark position, etc.
  • Assistance in the Corporate Finance Group of Dornbach in the standardization of compensation models and uniform compensation structures (national and international)
  • support in the area of assignments (expats)

Through an extensive network, we also offer support in the areas of

  • Occupational Pensions
  • coaching and individual training

Our focus is on the automotive and consumer goods industries as well as in advising family owned companies. But we will be happy to provide our professional support to you as well in other industries.