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Bernd Christian Haager

Lawyer, Specialist in Tax Law, Notary, Managing Partner

After studying Business Administration and Law in Munich and Mainz, Bernd Christian Haager began working as a lawyer in one of the major German law firms during the eighties. Bernd Christian Haager has been a specialist tax lawyer since 1985. Bernd Christian Haager became a partner of an American law firm in early 2000, and was responsible for its Frankfurt branch. Bernd Christian Haager has been working in a national German law firm since September 2004, and has managed the development of the Frankfurt office for many years. Bernd Christian Haager was admitted as a notary in Frankfurt am Main in 2009.

Since the beginning of 2015, Bernd Christian Haager looked after the development of the DORNBACH GMBH law firm in Frankfurt am Main and Bad Homburg as the managing partner. Bernd Christian Haager specializes in commercial and corporate law, including stock corporation law, including conversion law and inheritance law. As a notary, Bernd Christian Haager also deals with corporate succession, the design of anticipated inheritance, succession planning, the transfer of real estate (as part of purchase agreements or by donation) and the restructuring of group companies (divisions, mergers, form transformations). As a specialist tax lawyer, he also had the core tax knowledge to arrange such contracts in an optimum way with regard to tax.

Bernd Christian Haager has produced more than 25 publications during his career, including books about stock corporation law and antitrust law issues as the author or co-author.


  • Inheritance law
  • Anticipated succession
  • Drafting of wills
  • Transformations, divisions
  • Mergers of companies
  • Representation in corporate law and stock corporation disputes, particularly executive body liability lawsuits


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