Bernd Christian Haager

Bernd Christian HaagerLawyer, Specialist Lawyer in Tax Law, Notary *)

After completing his studies in Business Administration and Law in Munich and Mainz, Bernd Christian Haager began his career as a lawyer in one of the large German chancelleries in the nineteen-eighties. Bernd Christian Haager has been a Specialist Lawyer in Tax Law since 1985. At the beginning of the 2000s, Bernd Christian Haager was a Partner in an American law firm and was employed in their branch in Frankfurt. Since September 2004, Bernd Christian Haager has again been working in a nationwide Germany chancellery and he managed the development of the branch in Frankfurt for many years. Since 2009, Bernd Christian Haager has been an approved Notary in Frankfurt am Main.

Since the beginning of 2015, Bernd Christian Haager has been supporting the development of Dornbach GmbH Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft law firm in Frankfurt am Main and Bad Homburg as a Managing Partner. Since 2016 he has been approved Notary in Bad Homburg.

Bernd Christian Haager is focused on the areas of commercial and company law and on stock corporation law, including transformation law and inheritance law. Alongside this work, Bernd Christian Haager is also involved as part of his notarial shaping of contracts as a Notary, particularly in company succession, the design of anticipated line of succession, inheritance settlements, the transfer of property (as part of purchase agreements or as gifts) as well as the restructuring of affiliated companies (divisions, mergers or restructuring). As a Specialist Lawyer in Employment Law, he also uses his fundamental knowledge of tax law to design such contracts in a tax-optimal manner.

Bernd Christian Haager has published more than 25 publications as author or co-author during his career, including books on stock corporation law and anti-trust law subjects.


  • Inheritance law
  • Anticipated line of succession
  • Framing of wills
  • Transformations, divisions
  • Mergers of companies
  • Representation in company law and stock corporation law disputes, in particular in corporate liability suits


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