Legal advice

Legal advice

Conducting of lawsuits, arbitration procedures and alternative dispute resolution

The DORNBACH legal experts will advise you on national and cross-border commercial, enterprise, company and employment law disputes – both in state courts and at arbitration tribunals. 

Our expertise does not just focus solely on conducting lawsuits, but also includes advice on preventing disputes and implementing alternative dispute resolutions procedures:

Company, enterprise and civil law disputes, in particular including

  • Disputes arising from company purchase agreements
  • Claims for compensation for company authorised bodies
  • Rescission and nullity proceedings
  • Partners and partnership proceedings
  • Corporate law special audits and legal action admission procedure
  • Defence against investor protection claims
  • Shareholder withdrawal, severance payment and valuation matters, change of shareholders
  • Liability for lawyers, tax consultants and auditors
  • Defence and coordination in court cases abroad
  • Reappraisal of compliance infringements (coordination with investigation authorities, defence lawyers, checking and claiming for compensation from authorised bodies and employees)

Employment law

  • Representation in court cases in matters of individual and collective employment law and to conciliation committees

Arbitration procedures

  • Devising arbitration agreements
  • Representing parties in national and international arbitration procedures
  • Selecting arbitrators
  • Enforcement of arbitration decisions

Alternative dispute regulation

  • Advice on and development of conflict management systems
  • Drafting dispute resolution clauses in all kinds of contracts
  • Risk analysis for existing conflict situations
  • Selection and implementation of dispute regulation procedures, such as mediation or arbitrator intervention procedures
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