Besides project management services, large construction companies also offer planning and other comprehensive construction-related services. Well-organised construction logistics requires machinery, materials and employees to be deployed in the right place at the right time while simultaneously keeping an eye on costs. Only if construction site procedures are perfectly coordinated can productivity and cost efficiency be improved. The clients that we serve fall into the following categories:

  • Building materials manufacturers
  • Cement companies
  • Pumice stone companies
  • Building and civil engineering companies
  • Property developers
  • General contractors 

Our team of experts at Dornbach will provide you with optimal all-round assistance, allowing you to coordinate your project perfectly.

 A summary of our services:

  • Legal, tax and management consulting for the sale and purchase of businesses
  • Optimising ratings-critical balance sheet figures as part of balance sheet structure management
  • Organisation of legal forms and tax planning
  • Corporate succession
  • Income and liquidity planning


Wolfgang Küster
Matthias Wewers