Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH) Ilka Seyring

Dipl.-Kauffrau (FH) Ilka Seyring

Tax Advisor, Managing Director

After studying business administration at Merseburg University of Applied Sciences, specialising in accounting/taxation and controlling, Ms Seyring started her career in auditing with a medium-sized auditing company based in Halle.

After passing her professional examination as a tax advisor, in 2007 Ms Seyring joined DR. DORNBACH & PARTNER TREUHAND GMBH, where she initially held the position of authorised signatory of DR. DORNBACH & PARTNER TREUHAND GMBH.

She specialises in providing consultancy services to medium-sized clients in taxation and financial management matters of all kinds.

Another of her specialisms is the provision of consultancy services to public bodies, particularly relating to the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping.


  • Consultancy for MSEs and their shareholders
  • Management and taxation support for local authorities and companies


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