Municipal enterprises & non-profit organisations

Ever greater demands are being made of administrative districts, towns and villages. Funding shortfalls in the budgets of municipal authorities mean that in future it will no longer be possible to provide services in the way and to the extent that it was in the past. We have many years of experience and high levels of expertise in serving businesses and institutions in the public-sector and the non-profit sector.

The businesses that we serve include:

  • Waste management enterprises (waste water/refuse)
  • Local authorities
  • Hospitals, care homes and old people's homes
  • Cultural and tourist facilities
  • Spa clinics and swimming baths
  • Regional enterprises
  • Associations and non-profit facilities
  • Transport companies
  • Utility companies (electricity/gas/water/heating)
  • Business development corporations 

In this area we focus on: 

  • Commercial organisational investigations
  • Costs analyses
  • Calculating fees and amounts
  • Purpose clauses
  • Contracts with large-scale dischargers of waste
  • Contracts with special-tariff customers
  • Advising on privatisation
  • Cooperation models
  • Management and operator models
  • Tax optimisation models
  • Advising on the establishment of owner-operated enterprises
  • Hospital and nursing charges negotiations and calculations
  • VAT issues
  • Advice with establishing companies and their restructuring
  • Pricing reviews
  • Support during the adjustment to the new budget law / auditing municipal authorities' annual accounts and opening balance sheets 


Klaus Schmidt
Heiko Bokelmann
Gerhard Kopf
Christian Gans
Christoph Hell
Claudia Scheidbach
Enrico Nitschke