Photo: Prof. Dr. René Schäfer

Prof. Dr. René Schäfer

Tax Advisor, Specialist Advisor for International Tax Law, Managing Partner

Dr. René Schäfer graduated in Business Administration at the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken in 1999. At the same time, he received the diploma of the Ecole Superieure de Commerce, Lyon after studying in France for one year.

In 2003 he obtained his doctorate at the Chair for Business Administration, particularly Corporate Taxation, from Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinz Kußmaul on the subject of "Taxation of a German-French Company". Dr. Schäfer passed the tax consultancy examination in 2005. He has also had the title of "Specialist Advisor for International Tax Law" since 2008.

In mid-February 2005, Dr. Schäfer began working as a member of staff in the tax department in the Saarbrücken branch of DORNBACH GMBH. In July 2007, Dr. Schäfer became an authorised signatory and was accepted into the group of shareholders on 1st January 2011.

In July 2015, he was appointed honorary professor for the Department of Business Administration at the University of Saarland. 



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