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We at DORNBACH view the topic of remuneration in a holistic manner and in all its multiple aspects. Strategic company aims, business aspects, market developments, attractiveness as an employer and the wishes of employees - all these interact constantly with reciprocal effect. With regard to the remuneration philosophy of your company, our experienced experts offer comprehensive support with:

  • Remuneration or valuation projects, including support for project invitations to tender and reviewing project offers
  • Special valuation, such as salary benchmarks/market and salary comparisons (total remuneration comparisons), if required according to the definition of a potential comparison market
  • Projections in the field of salary analyses and changes, in order to be aware of possible expenditure in good time
  • Implementation and application of a position evaluation comparison system
  • Building up and implementing salary structures/salary bands (nationally and internationally)
  • Drawing up position/job/function descriptions
  • Setting up, creating and implementing competence models
  • Development and introduction of a total remuneration package within the company (nationally and internationally)
  • Taking part in salary studies, data collection/data acquisition, position benchmarking, etc.
  • Support in the corporate finance department of the Dornbach Group as part of establishing uniformity of remuneration models and uniform remuneration structures (nationally and internationally)
  • Support in the field of postings (expats)

Thanks to the Germany-wide network of DORNBACH, we also support our clients in matters of company pensions and with coaching and individual training sessions.

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