Dr. Tim Palm

Dr. Tim Palm

Tax Advisor, Specialist Advisor for international Tax Law, Managing Partner

Dr Palm studied economics and law at Saarland University, specialising in business taxation, tax law and auditing. He then worked for several years as a research assistant at the university's Institute of Taxation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Business Administration, in particular Business Taxation, as well as the Institute for Business Start-ups/SMEs (Director: Prof Heinz Kußmaul).

After successfully completing his doctorate in 2015, Dr Palm was appointed as a tax advisor in 2017. He also began working for DORNBACH in the same year. In 2021, he was awarded the title 'Specialist Advisor for International Tax Law'.

Dr Palm has been a managing partner of DORNBACH GmbH since January 2021.

He has also been a lecturer at the Academy of Administration and Economics in Koblenz since 2012 and a lecturer at Saarland University since 2018.

His consulting activities focus mainly on the holistic support of medium-sized companies, in particular family businesses. In addition, Dr Palm is active in the areas of corporate succession, inheritance and gift tax law, restructuring and international tax law.

He is the (co-)author of numerous specialist articles and publications.


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